These are just a few reasons that separate me from the rest:


One of the biggest concerns that clients relay to me is that they can never reach their attorney. That does not happen at my firm.  I can always be reached to discuss your legal issue. Whether it be by email, phone, or a personal visit, I am happy to discuss with you your concerns. If I am not available when you call, please leave a message. I pride myself in always calling everyone back by the end of the day and acknowledging all emails received.  I will work on your case from beginning to end. I believe that there simply is no substitute for direct communication both ways with my clients.


Many law firms choose to practice in only one area, but our Firm chooses to practice in many different areas of the law, because we are passionate about what we do.  Our attorneys have the resources to know how to find the right answer to any legal problem.  As we represent our clients, it does not matter what type of work we are hired to do. We may not know the answer to the client’s problem as soon as the phone rings or the email is received, but we enjoy the challenge of finding the answer, and we are good at what we do.  Being an attorney is more than just a way to earn a living.  Our clients hire us because we can find the answers, and we can find the answers because we love what we do and want to do what we love to help you.