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Private Mediation Sessions

Mediation provides disputing parties with an opportunity to settle their differences outside of the traditional courtroom setting. Mediation is different from a trial and is a completely voluntary, non-binding and confidential process. In a trial, a judge or jury decide the outcome of the dispute after hearing both sides of the case as argued by the parties. Conversely, in mediation, the parties can decide the outcome themselves using a facilitative process of communication guided by a certified Mediator. The mediator is not a judge, but rather, a trained a neutral third-party facilitator whose goal is to help disputing parties effectively communicate their side of the story to each other and identify the issues relevant to the dispute. The mediator is there solely to assist the parties in exploring possible solutions to the problem and to draft an agreement between the parties if an agreement is reached, not to decide the case.

Some of the advantages of mediation include:

  • Active participation by the parties to the dispute, which often results in a more satisfying outcome for all parties involved.
  • A less intimidating atmosphere than the courtroom, as the process is less formal, and the Mediator does not follow the evidentiary or civil rules of procedure.
  • Greater understanding of the other party’s interest, as the Mediator encourages open and honest communication during the mediation session.
  • Offers an opportunity to lower the costs associated with legal action and arriving at an agreement that is more likely to be followed by both parties.

We offer private mediation services that are conducted by an attorney who is also certified to mediate by the Ohio Supreme Court. Mediation can be utilized for any type of civil dispute, including landlord/tenant, business, small claims, or family conflicts.